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We stock new & used games, holding many Midnight Launches for larger New Releases.  If you buy a used game we ALWAYS show you the disk. ALL our new games remain Factory Sealed so you know they really are new. We also have a range of New & Used 'Next Gen' games too and can get hold of brand new XBOXOnes or PS4s, though require a FULL CASH deposit for delivery next working day.

Our range of Retro Games has expanded rapidly recently. We offer a fair trade-in price for any retro games and consoles, subject to conditions, and sell them on at a fair price. We try & check every disk & cartridge that we get. All the consoles are tested to. Games currently in stock include: GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, Megadrive, Super Famicom, N64, NES, Dreamcast, GameCube, Game Gear, PS1, PS2, PSP and plenty more.

We stock a range of Model kits with many Starter Kits from under a tenner. Our range includes 1:35 scale models for a more challenging build for more experienced modellers. from Star Trek to World War II we have a varied range in and can get items to order.

We offer some of the Fairest Trade-In deals in Wigan. Feel free to take your Games to anyone else for a trade in quote then compare their price to the one we offer. We only offer In-Store credit, but it can be used on anything in the shop. Note we are very fussy on games and check every disk traded in, the plus point is when you buy a used game you know it will be of better quality than maybe  at other shops.

Many people, of all ages, come in for just a Chat, we never try and make you buy something, if you want to talk about retro games , new releases, upcoming games or even just the weather, then pop in and have a natter, its FREE.

for delivery direct to your house


The current shop opened on the 8th Sept 2012 in Market Street Wigan, the first store opened in Pemberton in September 2008, trading as SnOrKs StOrE. But we go back a great deal further than that..

Tony, the owner, first started working as a Christmas temp at a shop called Microbyte in the Arndale Centre Manchester. This was the time of Commodore 64, Spectrums and Amstrads and a new 'Super' computer, the Amiga. Not long after starting, he was asked to become a permanent member of staff and open shops for the company around the country, Goole being the first & Meadow Hall Flagship shop in Sheffield, at the time Meadowhall first opened.

Microbyte's main competitors were The Computer Store, The Computer Shop and some new upstarts called GAME.

After trouble shooting the Birmingham Bullring Centre shop, long before the areas redevelopment, he became the Area Manager of the North West, Manchester, Preston & Liverpool shops.. At this point he moved to Wigan.

Sadly Microbyte went bust, though the only area making any money was the Northwest one, Tony didn't have the nerve to ask for his three shops and to keep them open, something he regretted not doing for almost twenty years..

He then went working for various companies.. ESCOM (PC shop), DIXONS (in charge of the PC & games section in Wigan branch with the shops top sales & least discount) then he went to GAME.

While working for GAME, Wigan, Bolton, Wrexham and Liverpool shops mostly, he thought he would try something brand new.. Wrexham, where he was the manager, was going to do something not seen before.... A Midnight Launch!! The area manager thought it was a terrible idea, but Tony went ahead. The Game was.. Wait for it... Resident Evil on PSOne. The evening went very well, selling over 20 copies of the game that night.

Tony's last Manager job at Game was in Liverpool, where we made good friends with some people from Psygnosis and Bizarre Creations. After Game was bought out by US Giants Electronics Boutique, Tony left Game, he thought the fun had been sucked out of the job.

After a stint at being a digital engineer with Cable & Wireless, Telewest and lastly Sky, Tony returned to sales.. Working nights at ASDA Wigan. He soon found himself back in familiar territory, even having customers coming in at night to speak to him about games, dvds and consoles. He did a Midnight Launch for FIFA 06, a first for ASDA for just a game and later saw over the successful launch night of the Wii and the less successful launch night of the Playstation 3.

Tony decided to start a 'grown up' job. MFI was, in hindsight, not the best choice, the company had just been bailed out, by OPCAPITA with multi million pound investment and massive promises... Sadly the company was still run the same way as before and struggled on for twelve months. Tony had managed to get a small loan and correct the niggle he had had regarding running a games shop, after the Microbyte episode. The MFI management told him that MFI was a good company to stay with, offering management and a great career. He ignored them and left to open his first own shop. Two weeks after he left MFI it went bust in a huge way. OPCAPITA then were in charge of Comet and now own GAME.

The day after signing a Five Year Lease on his shop, the fun Credit Crunch was turned into a Recession..

After a few months of worry, the shop starting taking off, making a small profit in year two and being too small by the forth year. Tony knew he needed a bigger shop and decided to look for one in Wigan. The old Millits shop was on the Market & that is where we are now.

Who knows if this story will have a happy ending or not, but at least there will not be the niggle of not taking over the Microbyte shops twenty years earlier..

To be continued??